Empowering Effective Governance: National Procurement Commission New Staff Graduate from Public Service Induction Course

In a significant stride towards enhancing efficient governance and bolstering transparency, a new cohort of National Procurement Commission Staff has successfully completed the Public Service Induction Course. This comprehensive training program equips these individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and ethical values to navigate the intricacies of public procurement. As they step into their roles, […]


Procurement Circular to: Government Department Heads CEOs of Statutory Bodies CEOs of Provincial Health Authorities CEOs of General Hospitals Provincial Administrators District Administrators Procurement Committee Chairmans Procurement Officers working in Government Agencies SUBJECT: PROCUREMENT PROCESS TRAINING I write to invite you or your representative from your agency to attend to procurement process training session. NPC […]

Consultation on amendments to the National Procurement Act and associated PFMA Sections

Consultation has commenced on proposed amendments to the National Procurement Act and associated procurement amendments to the PFMA.  Consultation commenced with a two day workshop facilitated by CEO NPC Mr Simon Bole and Secretary to Board Mr Babaga Naime.  A final workshop will be held by Department of Finance during the week commencing 16th November […]

All Stakeholder Consultation NPA Amendments APEC Haus

Department of Finance will be hosting a consultation workshop to discuss the proposed amendments to the National Procurement Act (NPA) 2018 and consequential amendments to the amended Public Finances Management Act (PFMA) 2018 on: Date: Wednesday 18th of November 2020 Time: 10:00amto 3:00pm Venue: APEC Haus, Era Kone (Ocean View Room – ground floor) The […]

State of Emergency Procurement

Emergency The Emergency (General Provisions) (COVID-19) Act 2020 Section 8 and Emergency (General Provisions) (COVID-19) Regulation 2020 Section 9 are Sections related to Procurement during the State of Emergency. The sections specify – The National Procurement Act 2018 and the Public Finance (Management) Act 1995 must not apply to all procurement for the purpose of […]

Procurement Planning workshops have commenced

The APC Committee Secretariat has commenced a series of presentations over the six weeks to generate awareness of the mandatory requirement to complete Procurement Plans. A total of 59 agencies have been invited to attend a presentation. Procurement Plans developed for the 2020 budget year will be the first year of its use under the […]

New Guidelines released for comment

Guidelines have been released for comment. Guidelines were released to support National Budget Procurement Planning, Certificate of Inexpediency Processes and to support the operations of Procurement Committees. The new guidelines can be accessed from Other Publications in the Publication page.

Regional Visits to promote awareness of National Procurement Act and Procurement Planning

The APC Committee Secretariat (within Department of Finance) and the National Procurement Commission start a regional awareness campaign today. The teams will be delivering presentations at regional based workshops. These will be important events as they provide a wonderful opportunity to support the Provincial and District Committees of the NPC understand their new roles and […]

NPC presented at the Finance Information Forum

The National Procurement Commission presented at the 1st 2019 Finance Information Forum hosted by the Department of Finance on 11th July 2019. The presentation provided an overview of the National Procurement Act 2018 and provided a progress of reforms. An important discussion during the presentation was for all agencies to start thinking about the preparation […]