Government of Papua New Guinea


From 2016 the Minister for Finance and the Department of Finance have continued to take positive steps to implement Public Financial Management (PFM) reforms which have delivered positive changes to public finances in PNG. The initial review of the PFM legal framework culminated in the passing of an Amendment to the Public Finances (Management) Act (PFMA) in 2016. A further review covered non-tax revenue and procurement. On 12 September 2018 the National Parliament passed the National Procurement Act and the consequential amendments to the PFMA. This was certified on the 28 November 2018.

The new legislation focuses on strengthening the public procurement framework and provides very clear separation of functions and roles between the National Procurement Commission and the APC Committee. The APC Committee is made up of the Departments of Treasury, Finance and National Planning acting together to regulate all aspects of procurement.

The National Procurement Act 2018 applies to all public and statutory bodies of PNG.  To assist entities in identifying if it applies to them, refer to the Publications page of this website and download the entity file as a guide.

Public procurement in Papua New Guinea is now undergoing reform.  As changes are implemented, this website will be updated. 

” It is our vision for public procurement in PNG as a well-functioning and efficient procurement system that acts as national economic driver and engenders the confidence of the people of PNG and the international community “