Government of Papua New Guinea

NPC Board

The National Procurement Act 2018 (NPA Act) establishes the National Procurement Commission Board (NPC Board) to oversee procurement operations for all public and statutory bodies.

The APC Committee controls all aspects of the timing of the implementation of the NPA.  In its first meeting, the APC Committee appointed an NPC Interim Board to carry out the Board functions.  The Chair of the NPC Interim Board is Dr Ken Ngangan PhD CMA CPA and ex officio member as Secretary of the Department of Finance.  Additional members of the NPC Interim Board are:

  • State Solicitor (ex officio) or his delegate;
  • The Secretary of Department of Works (ex officio) or his delegate
  • A representative of an organisation representing business or accountants
  • A representative of an organisation representing engineers
  • An independent person

The Board has the authority to delegate some of its powers to Committees to perform functions on behalf of the Board.  These Committees are to operate in accordance to the instructions issued by the National Procurement Commission Board.

The Board’s primary functions are set out in section 12 of the Act with additional powers throughout the Act.  The key functions of the Board are:

  1. Approve and award contracts for procurement facilitated by the Commission s12
  2. Provide recommendations to the National Executive Council for contracts with a value of excess of K10,000,000 for approval s12
  3. Oversee and approve terms and conditions of staff of the National Procurement Commission  other than terms and conditions of service determined by the Salaries and Conditions Monitoring Committee Act s20
  4. Oversee and approve the operational framework including budget of the National Procurement Commission s23
  5. Grant Certificate of Inexpediency to meet the interests of the State for emergencies declared by the National Executive Council or subject to the terms of the Public Finance Management Act s69
  6. Delegate its powers to Provincial, District or Local Level Committees of the Commission s77
  7. Suspend a person from entering in a public procurement s76
  8. Issue Procurement Instructions or other Guidelines not inconsistent with the Act and for the better control and management of procurement s45