Government of Papua New Guinea

APC Committee

The Public Finance Management Act 1995 as amended (2018) established the APC Committee to oversee the strategic direction of procurement of all public and statutory bodies and regulate, enforce and report on the compliance of the National Procurement Act.  The APC Committee came into effect on the 28 March 2019 with the following key functions s40:

1.       Approve the procurement plans of all public and statutory bodies in line with the National Budget

2.       Align the available cash resources, authority to pre-commit and warrants with the National Budget

3.       Regulate the National Procurement Commission

4.       Monitor, review and report on compliance of the National Procurement Commission and public statutory bodies with the standard set for public procurement including the contract management of all procurement

The additional functions of the APC Committee:

1.       Approve the publication of the Consolidated National Budget Procurement Plan

2.       Execute Authority to Pre-Commit including powers to issue the authority for multiple financial year

3.       Receive complaints and undertake an administrative review were a person who is aggrieved by a decision of the Board or a public or statutory body in respect of a procurement