09/2019 Procurement Instruction Issued

09/2019 Public Procurement Disposals provides the principles and procedures for public bodies and statutory authorities on disposing of public assets. You can download a copy of the new Procurement Instruction by visiting the Publications section of this website.

Procurement Instructions 01/2019 Section 25 NPA Waiver

01/2019 Procurement Instruction was issued by the APC Committee. A waiver is issued on the application of Section 25 National Budget Procurement Planning for all public and statutory bodies. This waiver ceases on 31 March 2020, however, further Procurement Instructions will be issued to stagger the commencement of Section 25 effective from: 1 July 2019 […]

New Procurement Instructions

The National Procurement Commission Interim Board issued Procurement Instructions on 1st April 2019 to facilitate procurement that had commenced but not yet awarded when the Act commences. The Procurement Instructions provide for: Board delegations and creation of Province, District and Special Committees. Requirement to register any open procurement as of 1 April onto a central […]

Procurement Instruction 03/2019, Section 73 Waiver

A Procurement Instruction has been issued by the APC Committee to waiver the application of Section 73 of the National Procurement Act. All public and statutory bodies undertaking procurement with the NPC is waived from requiring contract management to be assigned to third party contract management services. The instructions outlines exceptions where a public or […]

Procurement Instruction 02/2019 Section 28 NPA

A Procurement Instruction was issued by the APC Committee to clarify the application of Section 28. No certification is required by a public or statutory body to conduct procurement prior to the commencement of Section 27 of the National Procurement Act 2018.

Procurement Instruction 04/2019, Section 58 Waiver

A Procurement Instruction has been issued by the APC Committee. Section 58 requires that the public or statutory body shall not receive a bid from or contract with any person that is not registered with the NPC under the section. The instruction waives that requirement. The wavier does not waive the requirement for bidders to […]